The Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course includes the latest training material and techniques from organisations such as Dogs NSW and incorporates rules, regulations and responsibilities of dog ownership outlined in information from the State Government, local councils, RSPCA and Centennial Parklands.

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ESDTC Responsible Dog Ownership Attendance Certificate

The RDO Course uses positive, reward-based training techniques to shape the desired behaviour in a dog and strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner.  The course also features discussions on dog care and maintenance and covers important topics such as dog body language and car safety.

A week by week summary of the key points, training exercises and discussion topics covered during the course is provided below.

Recorded attendance for each week of the RDO Course earns the owner and dog a Certificate of Attendance and automatic progression to either Foundation Class or Class 1, where both can build upon the exercises covered in the RDO Course.

The Club also runs further training for which promotion tests must be passed for progression. 

Please note: Dogs must be fully vaccinated before enrolling in classes. A current vaccination certificate must be provided when joining the Club.

Responsible Dog Ownership Course Resources

The following resources complement the Discussion Points covered in the Club's 6 Week Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Course.

It consists of quotes from and links to various sources, such as the Dogs NSW Obedience Instructors Manual (4th Edition 2012), upon which the RDO Course is based, NSW Government website pages, and 3rd party websites.

All attempts have been made in good faith to credit quoted sources. Please contact the Club if you have any concerns about published material.

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