Key points: Revise Hand Signals; Change of Pace Heeling; Sit & Stand for Examination; Show Time; & Award Certificates

The following is an overview of the training exercises and discussion topics covered during Week 6:

Revision of Weeks 1-5 exercises

New exercises:
Responsible Dog Ownership Attendance Certificate

  •     Finish Dog Around You or Send to Heel:
    •         Front/Come Fore dog into Sit position in front of handler. Take 1 step forward, leading with right leg down right side of dog, luring dog with food and a Heel command, transferring lead around your back so that dog finishes around you
    •         Exercise can also be practised with Sit Stay Recall

Discussion - Revise Hand signals for all exercises

Revise Heeling with Change of Pace:

  •     Heeling pattern to revise all turns, automatic Sits, Stand & Down, with hand signals and voice commands
  •     Change of Pace: Normal, Slow, Fast, with dog remaining in heeling position, beside handler’s left leg

New exercises:

  •     Sit for examination: Dog should be encouraged into Sit position beside you and commanded to Stay, with you remaining beside your dog. Instructor approaches from front and touches dog. The dog should not exhibit signs of fear or aggression
  •     Stand for examination: You and dog take 1-2 paces forward into Stand position and the examination is repeated in the Stand Stay, with you beside your dog.

Show Time: Show off tricks learnt and practised during past 2 weeks

Revision & Stabilisation exercise - Weaving between people and dogs (depending on Show Time).

6 Week Wrap:

  •     Recap all exercises taught and discussion points covered in the last 6 weeks
  •     What other level of class are available at Club and what are the outcomes
  •     How to progress into the higher classes
  •     Benefits of continuing training
  •     Reminder that training should be fun, for you and your dog
  •     Play time in training – works well as motivator and reward!
  •     Reminder that Responsible Dog Ownership Course Resources on Club website
  •     Complete and award Attendance Certificates.