Key points: Loose leash Turns; Recall; Stand; Dog body language & good manners

The following is an overview of the training exercises and discussion topics covered during Week 2:

Revision of Week 1 exercises

New exercises:
Responsible Dog Ownership Attendance Certificate

  •     Dogs to Sit for greeting: Use of food to reward good behaviour and “negative punishment” if dog jumps up
  •     Left About Turn: Use dog’s name and food lure to get dog level with your left leg, place right leg in front of dog and use lure to complete turn with left leg, dog swinging its backside (anti-clockwise) around to follow you
  •     Informal Recall: Loose lead walking, stop, use dog’s name to gain attention, then lure dog with food and command “Come” – run backwards short distance if necessary and repeat lure and command. Dog only has to return to owner, it does not have to sit in front of owner (working towards Week 5 Formal Recall)
  •     Remember: never reprimand a dog when it has come to you (even if you've had to fetch it!).

Discussion - Body language & good manners:

  •     Discussion on dog body language – warning signs
  •     Appropriate social behaviours for dog to dog greeting
  •     How to approach another dog and handler on the footpath – handler to handler
  •     You have a right to move to another spot in class or ask another handler to restrain their dog if it’s making your dog feel anxious

New exercises:

  •     Stand: Use food lure, left hand signal & voice command
  •     Dog to Stand on Inspection Table: lure, do not force, okay if dog does not want to walk onto table and/or stand (come back and try when quiet later).