Dog with NewspaperThe following items are for the benefit of the Club's members and website visitors. They are either general communication, have appeared in the Club newsletter, PawPrints, or have been announced at the Club during training on Sundays.

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Please note: All attempts have been made in good faith to credit quoted sources in the news articles. Please contact the Club if you have any concerns about published material.


  • DO NOT ATTEND if presenting even the slightest symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell, loss of taste, runny nose, muscle pain, joint pain, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting and loss of appetite) or arrived from overseas or domestic hotspots within past 14 days. Instead, get tested for Covid-19.
  • Maintain physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from each other.
  • Practice good hand hygiene, wash hands before arrival, bring your own hand sanitiser.
  • Each member must be self-sufficient, bring your own hand sanitiser, face mask, tea/coffee and any equipment.
  • If you miss any classes or have any questions, contact the club (details below).
  • Non-participants must remain well outside the training area.
  • Entry to the grounds will be strictly via the bridge. Exit from either ends of the training grounds.
  • Members must leave grounds as soon as training concludes.
  • In the event of any widespread non-compliance with social distancing, training will be terminated and everyone will leave as soon as possible.
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July Update & Membership Renewal Reminder (July 2020)

Hi everyone. We hope you are all safe and well. As you are no doubt aware, the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions mean the Club remains closed for dog training until further notice. We are continuously checking updates to assess when training can resume and we will notify our Members and Friends as soon as possible if and when a date is agreed. We ask for your continued patience.

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Training Cancelled Sunday 8th (March 2020)

Training was cancelled on Sunday 8th March due to rain. Joiner/registrations and all beginner classes (Puppies and RDO), and promotion tests have been rescheduled accordingly on the Club website — please see the Next Training Date and Scheduled Training Dates pages for updated dates.

Please note: The Club's General Meeting is also rescheduled to 8.50 am on Sunday 15th March.

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