Dog with NewspaperPawPrints is the name of the Club newsletter. PawPrints is published monthly or bi-monthly throughout the training year and is where Club Members can learn more about their Club, dog training and their dog.

PawPrints consists of news, articles, stories, quotes and jokes, contributed by Club Members or referenced from other publications and/or online resources.

Extracts from the PawPrints archive stretching back to 2001 are provided from the PawPrints page. Or you can read the selecteded PDF copies of full editions of PawPrints below.

Important Notice: The copyright for all PawPrints articles is held by the credited author. All attempts have been made in good faith to credit quoted sources. Please contact the Club if you have any concerns about published material.

PawPrints PDFs 2015

Please click on the file name to read the PDF copy of PawPrints.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (PawPrintsNewsletter15-10.pdf)PawPrints October 2015October edition of the Club newsletter with Xmas Fun Day invite!1615 kB
Download this file (PawPrintsNewsletter15-07.pdf)PawPrints July 2015July edition of the Club newsletter with details of our Trainee Instructors program!2491 kB
Download this file (PawPrintsNewsletter15-04.pdf)PawPrints April 2015April/May edition of the Club newsletter with 2015/15 Membership Renewal form.1421 kB
Download this file (PawPrintsNewsletter15-03.pdf)PawPrints March 2015March edition of the Club newsletter with Xmas Fun Day 2014 results & photos!1924 kB

Next Training Date

Sunday 29th November

Note: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your class start time.

8am Class 2 & Activity Class (Inspection Line 7:45-8am)

9am Responsible Dog Ownership Classes, Adult Dog Classes 1, 3 & 4 (Inspection Line 8:30-9am)

10:15am Puppy Classes

Please Note: The Club's season ending Xmas Fun Day is on 6th December. Our last day of formal training classes for 2015 is 29th November.

Next Adult Dog Joiner (6 months & older): 31st January 2016

Next Puppy Joiner (under 6 months): 7th February 2016

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